Copper Brown Henna Hair Dye

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A dark brown base with eye-grabbing auburn hues. Penny-colored highlights reflect to a toasty auburn-orange in direct light—simply smashing. Our classic brown Henna/Indigo Fusion is designed to bring in the brilliant ginger tints just enough to hug the smooth brown permanent base. A spectacular look. Distinctive, but subtle on brunettes. Bolder coppery radiance on blondes. Magical for either.

Our Henna-Based Hair Dyes Are Your Best Choice: Award-winning herbs are freshly harvested, milled, & sealed—remain rich & potent. Botanicals nourish longer. Pigments saturate deeper.

Always Cruelty-Free. Never Tested on Animals.


A dark brown base with eye-grabbing auburn hues.

Perfect for:
• people with blonde to medium brown hair
• someone looking to radically change their look from blonde hair or a subtle transition from light brown or medium brown hair
• someone looking for a subtle transition from light brown or medium brown hair
• will add slight coppery-chestnut undertones to African, Indian, and Asian hair

1 packet (3.5 oz/100g) will dye hair to shoulder.
3 packets (10.5 oz/300g) will dye hair to waist.

Note: hair thickness and type (straight, curly, etc) will make a difference.
For super thick curly hair, order an extra packet.
Ex: Super Thick Curly Hair to Shoulder, Order 2 Packets.

The penny-colored highlights reflect to a toasty auburn-orange in direct light—simply smashing. Our classic dark brown foundation (Henna/Indigo Fusion) is designed to bring in the brilliant ginger tints just enough to hug & kiss the smooth brown permanent base.

A spectacular look. Distinctive, but subtle on brunettes. Bolder coppery radiance on blondes. Magical for either.

Our Henna-Based Hair Dyes Are Your Best Choice:
• Organically grown & seasonally hand-harvested in indigenous hearty soils.
• Milled to a fine powder to allow maximum, predictable pigment release.
• Hand-sifted three times to a uniform texture for best application.
• Vacuum-sealed & light-sealed to preserve potency, purity, and freshness.

Always Cruelty-Free. Never Tested on Animals.
NO added chemicals, preservatives or perfumes—just pure natural goodness!

Award-Winning Purity & Quality.

Ingredients: natural henna, natural indigo, false daisy, centella leaves, myrobalan seeds, beleric seeds, red clay…(that’s it).

Weight 5 oz

Natural henna, natural indigo, false daisy, centella leaves, myrobalan seeds, beleric seeds, red clay…that’s it.

How To Apply

1 packet (3.5 oz/100g) will dye hair to shoulder.
3 packets (10.5 oz/300g) will dye hair to waist.

Note: hair thickness and type (straight, curly, etc) will make a difference.
For super thick curly hair, order an extra packet.
Ex: Super Thick Curly Hair to Shoulder, Order 2 Packets.

henna hair dye application

  • Use quart size mixing bowl per full packet (3.5 oz/100 g) and a spoon to mix.
  • Cover any surfaces that may stain: untreated wood, carpet, fabric, etc.
  • Pour powder into bowl. One packet colors/treats straight, shoulder length hair.
  • Add hot tap water (approx 120º F) gradually to the powder.
  • Add little water at a time to get an applicable paste consistency.
    (thick pudding or cake batter).
  • Prepare hair for color or treatment. Divide hair into four sections:
    front, left, right, back.


  • Apply directly to towel-dried hair using gloved hand or hair dye brush.
  • Using gloved hand, scoop and apply the paste on back section (if crumbly, add water).
  • From scalp and root of hair, work evenly to top of hair. Try for complete, even coverage.
  • Methodically apply from back to front section. Take your time. Massage well into hair.
  • Work all hennaed hair into a mound on top of head. Touch-up along all hair lines.
  • When done, cover head with included plastic cap. Leave on for one to two hours.
  • Note: Treatments peak after one hour. Colors deepen up to two hours.


  • Rinse out thoroughly (no shampoo) until all product removed. Then use conditioner.
  • Note: Paste rinse-out may take a little time. Conditioner will help removal of dried paste.
  • Blow dry hair for 10-15 minutes to accelerate natural color-changing process.
  • Remember: It’s 100% natural. No added perfumes. Earthy scent will fade after rinsing.

Avoid shampooing for 24 hours. Avoid leave-in oil-based conditioners for first week. Henna-based dyes will take up to 48 hours to express true colors and undertones. Undertones can range from light red to green to blue before fully maturing—very normal (most blend within hours). You can reapply as often as you like. It’s all natural, safe, and gentle to hair, scalp, and skin.

For more application instructions, how to spot test, and gray root process go to our detailed application page.

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18 reviews for Copper Brown Henna Hair Dye

  1. 4 out of 5


    This is very high quality henna. I’ve used cheapo henna in the past and it didn’t even change the color of my hair at all. The packaging is nice and the henna is air sealed. Plenty in the package for shoulder length hair. The cap is a nice add on, but the gloves are very cheapy and way too large and will slide off of your hands during application, so I’d recommend buying some latex disposables to use or you’ll be very frustrated and end up dying your hands…I had latex gloves around to use. Thats really my only complaint, the gloves. I ordered the copper brown and I have dark brown hair. I left it on for 2 hours (did a hair treatment from Henna Labs about 3 days before) washed hair twice as recommended and then rinsed with no shampoo, and finished with conditioner. I used the shampoo and conditioner from Henna Color Labs too. The henna has superior coverage. I have quite a few grays and they are all gone. =) but, the color is quite dark. I didn’t have time to do a color sample with my hair and maybe if I had left it on for less time it would be less dramatic and dark. so, be aware if your hair is dark it will make it extra dark. Not what I was hoping for, was hoping for a more copper color. It’s more like a dark burgundy and black look. Pretty though and no harsh odors, no itchy scalp and zero chemicals. I will use again..with my own gloves. Nice product. Fast shipping. Will recommend to fam and friends.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I’ve never used henna before but I wanted something that wouldn’t fry my hair because my repeated attempts to achieve the color I was after had already caused considerable damage. This product worked great! I LOVE the color! I have naturally dark brown hair. I left it in for about an hour. The results were a dark warm auborn color, with coppery red highlights! Exactly what I was looking for! No more store bought chemical dyes for me. I will be a return customer! 🙂 the shipping was also impressive, shipped quickly and arrived ahead of schedule. They also provided a tracking number. All in all a good experience. 🙂

  3. 5 out of 5


    This was my first time using henna and the process was pretty easy. I loved the way the henna made my hair feel and I loved the shine. I have natural African American hair and it loosened my curl pattern, but not much and I did not mind. The only thing I had a hard time with was washing it out, but they said that was to be expected. I have dark brown hair with highlights and came out real nice and I was pleased. I will be a returning customer and have already purchased more 🙂

  4. 5 out of 5


    This is by far the best quality henna I’ve tried. Others never seem to capture any color on the roots, this one does a magnificent job. My hair looks naturally one color. The copper on my hair was a little more bugundy wine versus auburn or copper. It looks like the dark brown with a rich red undertone; almost a black cherry haircolor effect. It wasn’t exactly what I had hoped or envisioned but I love it. My hair looks highlighted. Here ar absolutely no mistakew with henna, you just simply choose another color and redo! I must also say that my hhair, which is pretty curly, has never been in better condition. It looks rich, shiny, and healthy. It doesn’t get tangled like it used to. The frizz is contolled, and it is overall manageable. I ajust love this henna and this company. I wholeheartedly believe I will singlehandedly keep you in business! I have yet to find a color I wasn’t pleased with. Thank you:)

  5. 4 out of 5


    The color wasn’t quite what I was expecting, but it still looks gorgeous! Take into account that it is way more red than it is copper before you buy.

  6. 5 out of 5


    Amazing colour.!!!! all my gray hair turn red highlights in the first application. Love it!!

  7. 4 out of 5


    On my natural hair journey, I wanted to do something different but natural organic and sticking to the no chemicals regimen I had been on for 6 months. I am of African decent with about 3 different curl patterns. Looking to loosen and be able to manage the top part of my hair which is my 4C department I looked high and low, when i found hennacolorlab I was really excited- did my research settled on this color and went for it. My hair color is a mixture of blond hairs around my perimeter and light brown to dark brown throughout with little bits of auburn. I figured this would brighten my browns and make them brighter; vibrant. I My results although really shocking, went perfect with the end of summer beginning of fall! It took me a couple days to get used to my hair being this vibrant brownishish red COPPER color. It complimented my skin tone and personality well and I grew to love it. It didnt loosen my curl as I had heard much after I had washed the product out and I was ok with that. My hair was soft, manageable, healthy, and a vibrant amazing color.

    Washing it out, as I had heard would be a task and my bathroom is all white. I put a towel down and used my shower head nozzle and it worked fine, no major mess to clean up, no scrubbing!! Which I thought was awesome! I guess because I had a game plan ahead of time helped me out a lot.

    Depending on your natural hair color and how long you leave it on will almost certainly determine how red it is!! Happy coloring! Thanks!

  8. 5 out of 5


    This was my first time using henna. I have black Asian hair naturally, and at the time of coloring it had been previously dyed auburn. Application was messy but not worse than I anticipated. I did use my own latex gloves, since I found the ones included in the package were not adequate for the job. I left the henna on my head for 2 hours. My hair turned out quite dark red initially, but it eventually turned into more of a brown copper color. It’s been 3 weeks since, my hair looks super healthy and shiny. The henna also covered the small amount of gray hairs I had. I’m really happy with my decision to switch to henna, and will be using Henna Color Labs again in the future.

  9. 4 out of 5


    I have medium to dark brown hair naturally and this definitely made my hair a dark burgundy color more so than a copper. I wish I had read the other reviews first! It did a good job with coverage and all my grays are gone but I am a bit disappointed in the final color result. From the description and photos I really expected the color to turn out differently. In the future I will do the recommended test first. Lesson learned. However I will continue to use this brand because I think the product itself is excellent, it is just not the right color for me.

  10. 4 out of 5


    Happy I bought this product after much searching and would recommend it to anyone. Loved the packaging and the all-natural ingredients. It was easy to apply and thanks to the clear-cut instructions, gloves and cap that came in the package. Only downside is my color didn’t come out the way I wanted it to like on the site (I have dark brown hair with some light undertones–never been colored in my life). However, it did cover my grays and there’s a burgundy undertone in my hair. A side note: it takes a long time to wash out but it is worth it 🙂 Can’t wait to try other colors!!

  11. 5 out of 5


    Love this color! Like the other reviews say, the color is darker and more red than one might expect. I was surprised the first time I used it…although I really liked this color and continue to use it. I have strawberry blonde hair so this is a dramatic change, but it looks pretty and the intensity calms down after a couple weeks and looks very natural.
    I have very thick hair and leave it on for 2 hours+. I tried 1 hour and it didn’t have nearly as much of an effect.

  12. 3 out of 5


    As far as the henna itself goes it is great. It was easy to mix and easy to apply. The smell is to be expected with henna, like a dirt tea. The 3 stars is due to the color. It is a misrepresentation of color to even be called copper brown. In no way is my hair brown, or copper. It is a deep maroon/burgundy color and my hair was a light brown to start with. I wouldn’t necessarily say its a BAD color, but it is not what was expected from reading the description and seeing the pictures. It needs more brown added and less RED. The first day after I applied it before washing with shampoo it was almost red orange (and it did startle me) but after washing it twice it is still very deep and darker then I expected, nothing like the picture of the girl or the swatch of hair in the pictures. I don’t know that I will buy this color again although I will continue to purchase my henna dyes from this company.

  13. 5 out of 5


    I read the reviews here and had no idea what to expect with this color. Other people didn’t get a copper brown, I guess, but that is exactly what I got. It doesn’t look anything like the model’s hair. It is more red. Copper is a good description. My hair before using the product was dyed black, with about 8 inches of undyed medium brown roots. That part turned a pretty bright copper, like exactly like the metal. After 48 hours, it darkened and toned down quite a bit and now my hair is a dark, reddish brown. If you go to the dark brown and auburn product pages and look at those models, this color is like a mix between the two. I wish I could post a picture. I followed all the directions. I left it on for 2 hours, then didn’t do anything to my hair for 48 hours (longer, actually)

    Also, I dripped some of this on the floor, on a towel, and of course all over the tub. I cleaned up the floor immediately and washed the towel. Nothing stained. The smell is pretty mild and certainly not unbearable. I’d rather smell this all day than chemical box dye.

  14. 5 out of 5


    Very easy to apply compared to Lush Hennas. Although I think I added a touch too much water. Color saturation was good. Initial color expression for me was quite dark with a lot of bleed/fade in the shower for two weeks. Settled out to a nice copper brown. I suspect that I will need a lighter shade for better instant gratification. As my hair grows quite fast I’m not a fan of waiting for color to fade to perfection as by that time my roots are visible and ready to be covered again. Gonna try mixing remaining Copper Brown with light brown or ginger blonde to tame initial expression and still cover grays (about 35% gray). Also noted issues with temple coverage so I will need concentrate more product there where cap does not cover to help mitigate dry out.

  15. 5 out of 5


    My advice to anyone new to this color: give it time and you will love it.
    After donating the majority of my hair, I decided to celebrate by getting what was left of my (naturally dark brown) hair highlighted blonde. After a couple months I used this copper brown color. After coloring, my blonde hair turned a pretty orange-copper, and my dark hair turned an interesting burgundy-red, the overall effect being a dark reddish color (which was actually really pretty). It took almost a full week for my color to develop fully, and now it is the same color seen on the model (though my highlights are a shade lighter- it usually takes a couple applications to get bleached hair to fully accept other colors). Anyways, my hair is as soft as it was before the bleaching, and very shiny. As for application, it’s no harder to apply this than it is to color your hair with anything else. My boyfriend likens the smell to a “bog witch’s hair” but that fades after a day or so as well. Thanks HCL!!

  16. 5 out of 5


    This is the first time I’ve ever henna-colored my hair. I have a pixie cut and in 1 hour it colored all my gray a nice auburn brown. It’s much more pretty than any box (chemical) color I’ve ever used! I only used 1/4 of the color, so I have 3 more uses left, so not only is it the best color I’ve ever found, it’s now the cheapest too!

  17. 5 out of 5


    I’m NEVER going back to box dyes again. I absolutely love the color and the feel of my hair now that I used Henna Color Lab. I feel like a walking infomercial, because I have been raving to everyone who will listen about how amazing it is. I have been dyeing my hair for about 15 years with box dyes, and I finally started to get worried about what all of those chemicals were doing to my brain and the rest of my body. I was worried that henna would be a terrible substitute- but I was so wrong! My hair feels softer and healthier than before, and the color has never been better. I used copper brown- a beautiful reddish brown, almost auburn. Sometimes it looks wine red to me, and other times it looks just like copper, but it’s always perfect. I have a pale, yellowish skin tone that doesn’t look good with a lot of colors (I tend to only wear olive green, forest green, brown/black, and deep turquoise). I used to have to put on a lot of makeup to make myself look good. But now that I used the copper brown henna, I wake up feeling amazing and like I don’t even really need makeup at all. I still wear it, because I’m self-conscious, but I am taking steps to tone it down and look more natural. Please never stop making this henna!!!

  18. 5 out of 5


    I tell everyone I see to stop dyeing their with chemicals and go to Henna Color Lab. I became highly allergic to box coloring a few years ago and lost 70% of my hair overnight when put on steroids. It grew back with some curl to it. Everyone comments on the color of my hair. I mix 2 parts Wine Red to one part Copper Brown and it simply glows! If you are hesitant about henna, don’t be. I used to work in a salon and no hairdresser was comfortable with Henna. What a shame!